Articles about Dealing with Grown Children Living at Home

Articles about strategies for coping with grown children living at home.

Rules For Adult Children Living At Home During College Breaks
When adult children return home for college breaks – whether it’s just for a long weekend, or for several months over the summer holidays – it’s important to talk about what your expectations (and theirs) will be for how you will all live peacefully together. [Read More…]

How to Avoid the Top 3 Emotional Landmines
Faced by Families with Adult Children Living at Home

When you have grown children living at home all the relationships in the household are put under extra strain. But there’s no need to be caught by surprise when common emotional traps start appearing in your own home. [Read More…]

How to Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes Made by
Parents with Adult Children Living at Home

Whether they’ve never left the nest or, like so many in the “boomerang generation, they’re returning home after some time away, you’re likely struggling to find ways to make the relationship with your grown children living at home work. The good news is, adult children can live successfully at home – but only if you avoid some critical mistakes right from the start (or correct them right away!). [Read More…]

Coping With the Financial and Emotional Costs of
Adult Children Living at Home After Graduation
September is traditionally back-to-school season. But for new college grads – and their families – the first September after graduation can be a challenging one. That’s because many new grads find themselves back at home, living with their parents for the first time in several years. [Read More…]

Economic Woes Expected to Trigger Stampede of New Grads Moving Home After Graduation
For families with adult children graduating college this spring, now is the time to start talking about what life will be like after graduation. The class of 2009 will be entering the job market at a time when unemployment is skyrocketing and the economy is in the tank. For many new grads, the only option will be to move back in with Mom and Dad. That means there will be a lot of adult children moving home.  [Read More…]

How Much Rent To Charge Adult Children Living at Home
How much rent to charge grown children living at home is a very tough question, but the simple answer is “it depends.” That may not be what you want to hear, but it does depend on a few factors.  [Read More…]