is the home of The Hands-on Guide to Surviving Adult Children Living at Home, a helpful book for families with adult children living at home. The book is available in electronic and print editions.

Each includes a customizable “Under one Roof” contract template and household budget calculator. Regularly updated tips and information can be found on the blog.

Christina Newberry is the founder of and the author of The Hands-on Guide to Surviving Adult Children Living at Home.

Media Contact

Christina Newberry, author of The Hands-on Guide to Surviving Adult Children Living at Home and founder of, can provide solid, practical advice for your audience on dealing with adult children living at home. Regularly featured in media reports across The United States, Canada, and Australia, Newberry is available for interviews or comments on boomerang kids and adult children living at home.

She can be contacted at

High-resolution images of the book and the author are available on request.

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