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New Book: How NOT to Move in with Your Parents

If you follow my blog, you know I provide advice for parents with adult children living at home or thinking about moving home. Now, there’s a new book by Globe and Mail columnist Rob Carrick that offers advice to young people on how not to get stuck moving home in the first place.

Is the book a worthwhile read? The good news is you can get a risk-free sample by downloading the first chapter of the Kindle edition for free on, where you can also buy the full Kindle book.The hardcopy is available only on

Major cable network looking for married couples living with their parents

The Casting Firm and a major cable network are looking for families with married couples and their parents currently living in the same house for a new TV show.

Whatever the situation may be, if you find yourself residing in the same house with your spouse AND your parents (or if you’re a parent living with your married child), then they want to hear from you. If you fit this description and have a big personality and great story, please e-mail The Casting Firm at CASTINGS@THECASTINGFIRM.COM

In your e-mail, include family photos along with the names and ages of each family member living at home, as well as a brief description of the family dynamic. Write “Family Project” along with your last name and the city and state that you reside in the subject line of your email, and please make sure to include a contact number with your submission.

Families will be compensated for their time. All participants must be legal U.S. residents.

Please note that is not associated with this production, so please do not send inquiries or casting submissions to Contact The Casting Firm directly at CASTINGS@THECASTINGFIRM.COM.

New York TV news organization looking for a family with boomerang kids

A New York-based TV news organization is looking for a family with college grads who have moved back home. They’d like to speak on camera to both the parents and the grad(s) about their experiences living in this new situation. If you’re willing to be interviewed on camera for a major TV news program, please send me an e-mail at and I’ll put you in touch with the producer.

Adult children at home in Australia? Fill out a University of Queensland Survey

Univerity of Queensland psychology honors student Emma Tarrant is conducting research to investigate “the attitudes and perceptions of the parents of adult children who still live at home.” Her goal is to determine how Australian parents are dealing with the fact that their children are staying at home longer, and whether they would benefit from additional support. You can read more about the study, and find a link to complete the short online survey, on the University of Queensland website here.

Toronto TV show looking for families with adult kids at home

A Toronto-based TV production company is casting families in the Greater Toronto Area with boomerang children to participate in a new documentary. Are your 20-30 something children driving you crazy because they won’t leave home? Uninterested in finding a job and living off of you? Do you ever wonder when your children will move out and look after themselves? If so, they would love to hear from you. Please call Jeff at 416 644 1792 ext. 29.

Contest for stories about living with parents is currently running a contest for the best story from an adult child about lessons learned living with their parents. The prize is $100, and you can learn more about the contest at Who knows — it could be a neat way to get your adult child thinking about what they have gained from the experience of living with you… and I’m sure $100 wouldn’t hurt on the path to independence!

Please note that is not affiliated with this contest — just thought I’d let you know about it. Enjoy!

Need some comic relief? 10 things not to say to your boomerang kid

A little bit of humor today from The Associated Press, as printed in the Southtown Star. Among the recommended comments to avoid? “I’m sure we all need a break from stress, but you need a job before you know what real stress is.” Check out the rest of the list here: Parents: Want to be on good terms with the newly minted college grad? 10 things not to say

An interesting take on the cultural shift toward financial dependence

An interesting article in Psychology Today talks about why more adult children are moving home, and some of the reasons why this is no longer a temporary phenomenon, but part of a larger cultural shift. Neither parents nor adult children feel embarrassment or a sense of failure when the adult children remain financially dependent well into their twenties or even thirties, as would have been the case a generation ( or even half a generation) ago.

You can read this interesting take on the not-so-empty nests of the Boomer Generation here.