Privacy with Adult Children Living at Home

If you’ve been living with no kids in your house for a while, you’re used to a certain level of freedom and privacy. You may not run naked through the kitchen, but there’s something satisfying about knowing you could if you really wanted to. Your child, too, will be used to certain freedoms if they’ve been away form home for a while. Nothing ruins a good social life like having mom and dad around, so they may be smarting a bit at the anticipation of how much freedom they stand to lose. While the simple truth is that there will be a loss of freedom for you and your adult kids – it’s unavoidable when you all live in the same house – the good news is that by establishing some simple guidelines, you can ensure a reasonable degree of freedom and privacy is maintained. The bonus contract that comes with the Adult Children Living at Home ebook is a great tool to help you establish expectations and guidelines to make sure everyone understands exactly how they’ll have to compromise in this area – and what is simply unacceptable.