Sometimes the adult kids "live" at home, even when they don't live at home

When adult children live very near their parents, families can experience some of the same issues as they do when adult children live at home. Adult kids may still stop by to do laundry or to be fed by Mom and Dad — and there can be privacy issues, even when the residence isn’t shared. Take this example from St. Petersburg Times Staff Writer Michelle Miller, writing about her adult son who lives down the street:

His dad and I were startled to hear a key in the front door just as we were settling down to watch the Red Sox on the tube.

“So, I guess you don’t have to knock or ring the doorbell?” my husband asked the boomerang boy.

“Nope, I have my own key,” the boy answered.

He was just passing by on his way home from work, he told us. “I just thought I’d stop in.”

As you can see, it’s important to set boundaries with your adult kids, even if there’s more than just a wall separating you. You can read the whole article here.