Those Australian Gen-Ys are getting a great deal

More research on adult children living at home has just come in from Australia. This time, it’s from Bankwest, and the results are a bit scary — but even more so are the quotes from Gen Y kids in an article about the survey published in the Herald Sun.

First, the findings from the survey, as published in the Herald Sun:

  • Parents are forking out $6000 a year to support their stay-at-home children.
  • Only 42 per cent pay rent and of those, the average amount is just $70 per week.
  • 60 per cent of parents think their kids don’t pull their weight around the house.
  • Almost half of parents felt they were taken for granted by their children kids.
  • More than half of Gen Ys said they could not afford to move out and 39 per cent said they liked the extra perks of homemade dinners and getting their laundry done.

It’s that last stat that probably gets the hackles of parents up. If it’s got you fuming, check out this quote from a Gen Y-er from the article:

“It’s nice having somebody take care of you a bit: laundry, dinner, a clean house, not having to do too much and obviously the money side.”

You can read the entire article here.