Boomeranging: A wise financial decision?

I’m interested to see what readers of this blog think of a recent editorial written by the editor in chief of the college paper at Ferris State University in Michigan.  The editor says that moving back in with one’s parents is a “rather adult decision.” Her logic?

Recognizing the likely poor liv­ing con­di­tions they would be able to afford indi­vid­u­ally and decid­ing that rather than set­tling for a job just to pay the bills, this demo­graphic has opted to stay in school, con­tin­u­ing their edu­ca­tion to bet­ter weather the eco­nomic storms in the future.

With the headline “Boomerang Kids Aren’t Bad,” this piece may stir up some negative feelings from parents struggling with adult kids who are close to overstaying their welcome. You can read the full piece here.