Are you impeding your adult child's success at work?

A 60 Minutes piece explored the impact the Millenials — that’s the current generation of your adults, the ones who are most likely to be living at home — are having on the workplace… and how the workplace is impacting these young adults who have been told since childhood that they are special and they will always win.

They discovered that college professors are getting phone calls from parents when they don’t think their kids’ grades are fair, and that parents are the ones taking responsibility for updating their adult children’s resumes with HR firms, and even contacting employers about performance evaluations they don’t agree with.

If you’ve been on this path with your adult child, it’s time to back off. The number one mistake you can make with adult children living at home is continuing to parent them like they are young children. In the end, this not only robs your adult kids of the chance to develop their own much-needed skills, it will also lead to resentment on both sides.

So let junior talk to his own boss about a bad performance review — or, better yet, learn how to do a great job in the first place!