Recent media appearances has been in the news a couple of times recently, offering tips for parents dealing with adult children returning home after college.

adult children living at home cover storyThe Ventura County Reporter’s story Boomerang Generation: From high hopes to grim realities, local adults, young and old, enter unknown territory included several tips from AdultChildrenLivingatHome, inclusing this one:

“Living with your adult kids can be a positive experience for both you and them, as long as you know how to make it work and are prepared to put in the effort,” Newberry said. She also warns against the danger of giving too much, which “may not be doing your adult children any favors” and could actually harm their chances of being successful in the future.

Yahoo! Shine’s piece How to make it work when college grads return home to live included this key piece of advice:

“If you treat them like a kid again, you’re not helping them — you are creating a lifestyle that they won’t be able to maintain when they leave,” Newberry says. “Your job is to get them to where they don’t need you anymore.”