Informal poll shows only half of parents think their adult children should move out

A (very) informal poll on the website asked the question, “Do you think it’s okay to let your children live at home for eternity?”

Of the 41 people who responded to the poll, only 48.78% answered “no.” Only one person selected the answer, “Yes, I would love to cook/clean for my adult children forever,” but 14 people (34.15%) selected “Yes, they can live with me for however long they want as long as they contribute to the house.”

Of course, three people chose the answer “Clam Chowder,” so who knows what this poll really tells us! Still, it’s interesting to see that parents are clearly more willing to let children live at home — and feel happier about them being there — if the adult children are contributing to the household.

You can see the poll — and read seven pages of interesting follow-up comments — here.