W Network looking for adult children living at home

W Network’s new reality show “The Audience” is looking for adult children living at home (or their parents) who are at a crossroads and need some advice. They’re also looking for people who would like to provide crowd-sourced advice. Here are the casting call details and contact information straight from the producers:

Force Four Entertainment is launching a groundbreaking new television series called “The Audience”, based on the popular UK show.  “The Audience” is looking for people who are struggling with a life-changing decision, are at some sort of crossroads and in need of some thoughtful advice.  We would like to find an adult who is thinking about moving back in with their parents, or the opposite, that is trying to decide whether to move out of the family home.  We would also like to speak to parents who have some sort of dilemma with their adult child living at home.

Here are a few more details about “The Audience”:  This W Network show draws on the “wisdom of the crowd” – how sometimes many minds can be better than one when it comes to solving a life-changing dilemma.  For one week, the “person with a dilemma” is followed by 50 insightful people from diverse backgrounds who will ask the tough questions that will get to the root of the dilemma and then provide valuable advice and a possible solution.

We are also looking for participants who might be interested in being part of the group of 50 advisors.

If you have a dilemma or are interested in finding out more information about the series, please email: linda@forcefour.com or call 604 669 4424 x148.