W Network Show Looking for Canadian Boomerang Family that Needs Help

Force Four Entertainment, W Network, and The Audience are looking for families or individuals that are faced with a dilemma, are having a difficult time with the decision, are looking for some advice, and would like to share their journey.

Specifically, they are looking for a family with a boomerang kid living at home  faced with the dilemma of moving on.

Here’s some information about the show from the producers:

The Audience is a transformative, caring and compassionate social series.  Each one-hour episode focuses on an individual or family who is struggling with a life-changing decision and is at a crossroads in their life.  For one week, the individual is followed by “The Audience” 50 insightful people from diverse backgrounds. “The Audience” puts their heads together, debates the dilemma, and comes up with the best possible solution… the wisdom of the crowd.  At the end of the week, “The Audience” presents its considered, collective, and thoughtful advice to the individual.

For more information about the show, or if your family wants to get involved, you can get in touch with the producers directly by email at theaudience@forcefour.com or on facebook.