Infographic: Percentage of adult children living at home, 1983–2011

Here’s an interesting infographic from the U.S. Census Bureau showing how the trend of adult children living at home changed from 1983 to 2011. Note that in plain language, “adults 25-34 who are the child of the householder” means “adult children aged 25-34 who live at home.”

Number of adult children living at homeNote one thing from the small print: “Unmarried college students living in dormitories are counted as living in their parent(s) home.” That’s interesting, because these children are clearly not living at home — though they likely are still being financially supported by their parents.

In any case, look at the difference between adult sons and daughters!  In 2011, 59 percent of men aged 18 to 24 lived at home, and 50 percent of women. These number are up from 53 percent and 46 percent, respectively, in 2005.

And note that the trend of adult kids moving home is not strictly tied to the economic downturn. Rose Kreider, a family demographer with the Fertility and Family Statistics Branch and author of the report this figure comes from, said, “The increase in 25 to 34 year olds living in their parents’ home began before the recent recession, and has continued beyond it.”