"Zero rent gets you the creepy room": A charming perspective from one adult child living at home

Today we share with you the story of Sam, a 22-year-old New Zealander who’s back living at home after 3 years away. While he was gone, his mother took over the newly vacated “spare room” for her craft passion. His parents’ house has a guest room, too, but that’s not where he lives. No, he gets the “creepy room.” Here’s how he describes it:

Although there is a guestroom, I have been assigned to a room labeled by my father as “the adult child returning home” room, although this is a purpose it has evolved into over the years. It was originally built in a section of the attic as a room for my then ten-year-old brother. There is no door, just a set of stairs that leads directly into a single room with bright colours and walls that connect the ceiling and floor at a forty-five degree angle, as opposed to the standard ninety. It’s the ultimate tree fort, and a child’s dream room.

It’s an adult’s nightmare.

But Sam bears his parents no ill will for the attic room. He shares his perspective on his blog, in an entry that is worth checking out if you have adult children living at home.